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Je Joue FiFi Review

Back in January I reviewed the Je Joue Uma.I said it was a great all-round vibrator especially suited to beginners as well as non-nonsense women who wanted a designer vibrator that was straight to the point.

The folks over at Je Joue have sent me a Je Joue FiFi to test. This is the big sister to the Uma and whilst it follows the same design and premice as the Uma it features one notable difference - bunny ears!

The question is do they make for a better vibrator?

Je Joue FiFi

This is what they had to say about the product:

Demand more rabbit with your FiFi. Perfectly contoured with unique vibrations from each ear and the shaft, FiFi gives you simultaneous G-Spot and clitoral stimulation, when and how you want it. 100% body safe, 100% waterproof, rechargeable, 5 vibration levels, 6 vibration patterns.

How It Arrives

Je Joue FiFi Outer Box

The Je Joue FiFi arrives in the same styled packaging as the Je Joue Uma, with a neon pink colour scheme. A stylish outer cardboard box slides of to reveal a sturdy black inner box, with the Je Joue name printed in a silver colour on the top. This lifts off revealing the stunning Je Joue FiFi on one side, with a lidded section to the right hand side. Under the lid you'll find a magnetic mains charger and instruction manual.

Je Joue FiFi Inner Box

The Je Joue FiFi looks identical the the Uma too, with the exception of two inch long "ears". Whilst referred to as ears, these are more like firm prongs that stick out of the vibrator. They are made out of the same seam-free silicone that coats the FiFi but are firm. They do flex a little but not to a great extent.

The FiFi offers around 5 inches of insertable length and is covered entirely in silicone, with the exception of the controls where there's a small oval of plastic. This houses two obvious buttons (a "+" and a "-") together with a less obvious "~" button. The first two buttons control the speed as well as the power whilst the discreet button controls the vibration pattern mode.

How It Performs

Je Joue FiFi On Display

With it arriving in the same style of packaging As the Uma, together with a similar appearance, I expected the Je Joue FiFi to perform similarly. I was pleasantly surprised as whilst it feels similar, it does have it's own personality and experience.

Firstly, focussing on the core base of the toy, it performs identically to the Uma, in the sense that the buttons work in the same way as does the charger. The "+" and "-" buttons act as magnetic points for the charger to latch onto. They also act as the buttons to turn the vibrator on and off, as well as to adjust the speed.

Je Joue FiFi Controls and Base

Pressing and holding the "+" for a few seconds makes the FiFi jump into life, ready to please and excite.

There are seven vibration patterns to choose from, and a choice of five speeds at each setting from the quiet and relaxing to the manic and thrilling:

  1. Solid vibration
  2. Wide pulses
  3. Waves of slow and fast
  4. Slow bursts of vibrations
  5. Fast pulses
  6. Fast but longer Pulses
  7. Slow long bursts

The shaft of the vibrator is angled to hit the G-Spot and is nicely bulbed at the tip.

So far I could have been describing the Uma but the FiFi has a party trick and that is the ears.

Je Joue FiFi Bunny Ears

The bunny ears are made of a firm silicone and whereas on other vibrators they are bendy and flexible, these ears are more rigid. They cannot bend but they do offer a degree of movement. This concerned me but also intrigued me. After trying the rabbit out I was pleasantly surprised by the ears. I suspected that the rigidity wouldn't make them that exciting, but I was wrong. The firm ears seem to let the vibrations travel to the tip and subsequently over my clitoris. I've tried and tested the ears many times since receiving the FiFi and am quite certain that they vibrate at the intensity as the shaft itself. I loved the vibrations though in my heart of hearts I would have preferred to see more flexible ears that bounced and quivered more, teasing me just a little more.

Nevertheless, the ears and G-Spot angled shaft work beautifully together. At slow speeds they offer a relaxing excitement that certainly gets me in the mood ready to crank up the speed. At higher speeds the vibrations become more intense and were enough to bring me to orgasm very rapidly. Thanks to the dual pleasure I was in a state of ecstasy for quite a while after several really intense and delicious orgasms.

The ears and the shaft of the Je Joue FiFi share the same motor and thus the same speed so it's not possible to have more intense inner vibrations and more gentle ear vibrations. On the FiFi though I'm not sure this really matters. The motor inside offers a very powerful range of vibrations at a variety of speeds to suit all moods. The luxurious feel of the entire toy coupled with an innovative charging method (resulting in a waterproof sex toy) and a beautiful design that screams "use me" is plenty to make the FiFi a bedroom drawer must-have in my mind.

So the bottom line is undoubtedly that I would recommend this sex toy. For keen rabbit enthusiasts it offers a designer sex toy take on the classic rabbit vibrator, offering power, ergonomic design, ease of use and lovely packaging. For beginners it is non-intimidating and for couples it's non-offensive so can be used as part of foreplay. Ideal as a romantic gift, the Je Joue FiFi is perfect for taking on holiday, for using underwater and it simply delivers on the performance scale too - everything from a quiet tickle to fast and furious pleasure.


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