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We Vibe 3 Review

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One of the very first sex toy reviews we ever wrote was for the original We-Vibe, back then an innovative couples sex toy that changed the way we thought about sex toys for couples. The premise was simple - a sex toy for couples that could be used during sexual intercourse that pleasure the clitoris and G-spot simultaneous that pleasured his shaft, and that was small and discreet enough to be used during sex without embarrassment or discomfort.

Since then various toys have been released that look fairly similar so We-Vibe have upped the ante with the We-Vibe II and now the We-Vibe 3. Having only recently been released to the UK market we were chuffed to bits when Sex Toys whisked one over to us for testing. We had to see whether it was much different from the original and whether it was any better.

We-Vibe 3 available in teal, purple and ruby

This is what they had to say about the product:

The best We Vibe yet! We Vibe is a multiple award winning sex toy that can be used or alone or with a partner during love making. It's a U shaped vibrating toy with two motors - one to stimulate the clitoris and the other to stimulate the G Spot. Slip it inside during love making and he can enjoy the vibrations too! We Vibe 3 has 40% more power than its predecessors and a wireless remote which works up to 3 metres away, so you or a partner can control it with ease and concentrate on the important stuff! Make your way through the 6 different vibration modes, (low, high, wave, pulse, tease, cha cha) until you find the perfect one for you. And - once you've found your favourite, if you re start the toy within an hour it will remember where you left off! We Vibe 3 has a charger dock which can also be used as a discreet storage unit and travel case. Fully charge We Vibe 3 and get up to 2 hours of play time. This toy is made from medical grade silicone and is fully waterproof so you can take your fun to the bath or shower and cleaning is a breeze too.

How It Arrives

We-Vibe 3 Packaging

The We-Vibe 3 arrives in a cylindrical cardboard box. We've got a teal coloured We-Vibe to play with (there's teal, ruby and purple to choose from) and the packaging is also teal coloured so we can only assume that We-Vibe have colour matched the box to the sex toy. If they have then that's a great move and if they haven't then perhaps they should have!

The packaging features a large image of the We-Vibe together with a photo of the feet of a couple intertwined. The reverse of the packaging lists the main product features:

The teal lid lifts off revealing a couple of cardboard discs to hold the We-Vibe in place, which arrives nestled in its own travel case. The white travel case opens to reveal the We-Vibe in it's glory. It sites with both ends nested in the travel case base with the remote control tucked inside the neck of the toy.

Underneath the travel case is a charger block that plugs into the wall and the back of the travel unit base. This transforms the travel unit base into the charger.

How It Performs

Who's it for?

The We-Vibe has been designed for heterosexual couples engaging in vaginal sexual intercourse but doesn't prescribe an age limit. From the young to the old and everyone in between, the We-Vibe suits all.


We-Vibe 3 in the charging case

When the We-Vibe 3 arrives it needs an initial charge (24 hours are recommended). Unfortunately there's no way to tell if the We-Vibe is fully charged as the orange/yellow light on the base illuminates when the We-Vibe is correctly inserted. That said, We've reckon there's no way to over-charge it and recommend you leave the charger base switched on if you are using the We-Vibe regularly.

The rechargeable NiMh battery inside the We-Vibe 3 can last for around 500 discharge cycles which should keep you going for several years.


Due to the penis sliding in and out of the vagina rubbing against the We-Vibe it's recommended that you liberally lubricate that side of the toy only. By not lubricating the rest you are enabling it to have a better grip inside, so you spend less time worrying about how it is positioned and more time enjoying the intense vibrations.

rather interestingly, We-Vibe suggest you experiment with using foods as lubricant such as "chocolate sauce, whipping cream, and liqueurs". The one thing not recommended though is silicone lubes as this may react with the We-Vibe. Use water based lubes instead.


We-Vibe 3 Close Up

After periods of not using the We-Vibe it seems to switch itself off properly. There's an option to turn it off when cycling through the remote but you can bring it back to life again by continuing to cycle. If the We-Vibe has permanently turned itself off just press and hold the button on the nose of the top part of the We-Vibe (the side with the logo) to turn it on.

The neck of the We-Vibe is very slender and Mr STS didn't notice it at all. It's been designed to be as discreet as possible so that neither parter feels uncomfortable by it being there. the neck also allows flexibility of the two ends which have been design to naturally close together. This then means it should perfectly hug your clitoris and G-Spot during sex.

Our test showed this was the case! When Mr STS inserted the lubed-up We-Vibe 3 inside me and switched it on I felt a vibrating sensation over my clitoris (which was divine) but the G-Spot vibrations weren't all that noticeable - until he slid his rock solid penis inside me. That seemed to push the We-Vibe onto my G-Spot and from thereon in I was in heaven. As with the original We-Vibe I found myself in a multi-orgasmic state, much to the enjoyment of Mr STS.

There are two motors in the We-Vibe 3 - on at either tip so during use that's one focussing on my clitoris whilst the other works on my G-Spot. This means pleasure is directed to where it is needed and craved. Apparently there's 40% more power than the We-Vibe II and I suspect that improved upon the original We-Vibe so we've taken quite a leap in terms of intensity, and it feels like it. There are six different vibration patterns on offer (low speed, high speed, tease, wave, pulse, and the cha-cha) but my favourites are the super intense high speed and the teasing wave.

Jumping from the original We-Vibe it was nice to see the inclusion of a remote control. I grabbed this and held onto it tightly, teasing Mr STS by changing the pattern frequently. Such a simple invention yet it really does make a staggering distance to the We-Vibe. In the past we'd have to stop the momentum to change the setting by pressing the We-Vibe itself. Now I just click a button and hey presto I've got a new pattern.

We-Vibe 3 remote control

The remote works up to three metres away though you'd need very long arms to achieve that! It's a shame the battery cannot be replaced though We-Vibe sell replacement remote controls if yours goes missing or loses power. It should be emphasised that you don't need a remote control to operate the We-Vibe 3, it simply makes it easier to switch between vibration patterns without interfering with hubby's momentum.

For Him

The We-Vibe 3 is a couples toy and I've talked a lot about my feelings and pleasure but what about the pleasure for him. For Mr STS he likes the vibrations along his shaft. Arguably it makes him orgasm quicker and more intensely but with regular use I'm sure we could prolong that. Even when he stops thrusting inside of me I can still enjoy the orgasms of the We-Vibe 3 and can still clamp my vaginal lips around his penis, squeezing out every last drop of sperm as I quake and shiver with excitement.

He loves the feeling it gives him, and he loves my reaction as I squirm having orgasm after orgasm. We both consider this to be a fantastic toy.

Wet Fun

Due to height differences we haven't quite cracked having sex in the shower (we've perfected blowjobs though!) but if were lucky enough to be able to have sex standing up then we could happily use the We-Vibe 3 in the shower. Furthermore, if we had a bath more reminiscent of a swimming pool than a tiny paddling pool then we could use the We-Vibe in there too.


All it needs is a good clean with hot soapy water. As it's fully waterproof you don't have to worry about getting certain parts wet.

What's Different Between the Original We-Vibe and the We-Vibe 3

Plenty has changed since our review in 2008:

The design of the We-Vibe itself hasn't changed much (other than a logo change and no longer a hole for the charger cable), just the internal structure has.

I'm not sure where We-Vibe can go in the future but I doubt this is the last version. As technology gets better and better I suspect that the We-Vibe will end up with more vibration modes, better battery life and faster charges. As for unique features, who knows? Perhaps there'll be a version that closer resembles a cock ring that vibrates my clitoris and his testicles or perhaps there's a way to make the neck of the toy even thinner for a more natural feeling.

Either way the We-Vibe 3 is a great improvement on the already amazing original We-Vibe and from what we have read about the We-Vibe II. Subtle changes internally allow for more personalisation in terms of the vibration intensity and the addition of a remote control makes it more fun for me to be in control of how we feel during lovemaking.


Price Comparison

Here's the latest prices we've found in our we vibe 3 price comparison, helping you to find the cheapest sex toys:

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We Vibe Mk 3 Rechargeable Remote Vibe

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We-Vibe 3 Remote Control Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

We-Vibe 3 Remote Control Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

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